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  Outreach to Realtors Seeks to Protect Delmarva Fox Squirrel
Northeast Region, December 17, 2003
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Link to Northeast Region, USFWS; map of regionIn December 2003, the Chesapeake Bay Ecological Services Field Office's Threatened and Endangered Species Program sent an outreach packet to the Sussex County Association of Realtors in Delaware. The purpose of this outreach action was to make the Sussex County realtors aware of the presence of the endangered Delmarva fox squirrel in some areas. This awareness will allow potential land purchasers to know about possible issues relating to the squirrel before they purchase the land. It will also minimize the potential for surprises related to Delmarva fox squirrel issues when landowners want to develop their land. The outreach packet included letters explaining the squirrel's habitat requirements; primary locations of squirrel populations, including maps; legal differences between the different populations; and general information about the project review process.

Contact Trevor Clark for more information.

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