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Bat Night at Minnesota Valley NWR
Midwest Region, September 30, 2019
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Demonstrating mist-netting technique for capturing bats
Demonstrating mist-netting technique for capturing bats - Photo Credit: J. Utrup, USFWS
Captured big brown bat
Captured big brown bat - Photo Credit: J. Utrup, USFWS

In July, the Minnesota-Wisconsin Ecological Services Field office and Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge hosted a Bat Science Night at the Bloomington Visitor Center Refuge aimed to further visitors’ appreciation and knowledge of bats in addition to allowing visitors to see local bats up close.


Visitors listened to an overview of bat facts, including life history information for all bats found in Minnesota. Then, just before dusk, staff from the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources demonstrated the technique of putting up a mist-net intended to capture bats and described how this practice helps scientists learn more about the bats that are caught and released. A few big brown bats were caught and released for visitors to see and participate in the process. The night was a success, as those in attendance were able to learn more about bats and catch a glimpse of local bats up close.

Contact Info: Jill Utrup, 952-252-0092, ext. 207, jill_utrup@fws.gov
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