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Ken Euers Nature Area Improvement Project underway
Midwest Region, September 18, 2019
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Ken Euers Nature Area Location
Ken Euers Nature Area Location - Photo Credit: UWGB and FWS
Ken Euers Nature Area view of the Green Bay
Ken Euers Nature Area view of the Green Bay - Photo Credit: UWGB and FWS

A transformation is underway at the Ken Euers Nature Area on the Lower Green Bay shoreline. Visitors to the site will notice construction activities that will lead to improved opportunities for hiking, bird watching, fishing, and scenic views of the Lower Bay. Updates to the city owned property will also provide benefits for the birds, fish, and other wildlife that use the nature area.
The dike systems that hold water to maintain the coastal wetlands at the site are currently being repaired. Trees have been removed from the dikes as well as other structural upgrades to allow for more safety and stability. These repairs will allow for more water level management to prevent invasive species such as Phragmites from reestablishing. The local contractor selected for the project began working on site this summer with expected project completion later this year.
The Fox River Natural Resource Damage Assessment (NRDA) Trustees supported the restoration at this site, as well as wild rice seeding efforts in the area and a log jam structure at the mouth of Duck Creek to enhance woody habitat for fish in the Bay (where trees removed from the dikes will be repurposed).
Visitors to Ken Euers may see a variety of wildlife when they visit the Ken Euers Nature Area. A short hike on the trail during the summer months may lead to seeing monarchs congregating along the shoreline, egrets feeding in the wetlands, and frogs and toads hopping into the water.
The park was officially set aside by the city in 1976 in the area known locally as Atkinson’s Marsh. It was later named the Kenneth Euers Nature Area as the result of a contest with local 6th grade students in 1981. Mr. Euers was a local conservationist and member of the Brown County Conservation Alliance. He actively worked with youth to encourage the conservation of local natural resources.
Project partners include the City of Green Bay, Ducks Unlimited, US Fish and Wildlife Service, UW-Green Bay, and other conservation partners. Funding to support the marsh project was awarded to Ducks Unlimited by the Fox River-Green Bay Natural Resource Trustee Council, National Fish and Wildlife Foundation – Sustain Our Great Lakes, and the Fund for Lake Michigan.


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