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Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge Brushland Management
Northeast Region, May 15, 2014
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The new FECON in action.
The new FECON in action. - Photo Credit: USFWS

Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge has finished its brushland management just in time for the bird’s migration north. This year with hard work we managed nearly 30 acres of habitat. These 30 acres promote early successional forest and provide great habitat for birds such as, woodcock, field sparrow, and black-throated green warbler.
Each year the refuge rotates field to field to ensure that there is always early successional forest available for the different species that require it. This year the refuge managed three times the proposed target due to the aquisitoin of a new piece of heavy equipment to be shared with all refuges in the Northeast Region called a FECON. This new piece of regional equipment is much more efficient and has lower ground pressure allowing it  to get into areas that historically were too wet for our heavy equipment. With this new equipment we hope to be able to shorten our time in the field and have less of an impact to the environment.

Contact Info: David Sagan, 413-584-8002, david_sagan@fws.gov
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