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Wetland Conservation on a Landscape Scale
Midwest Region, August 30, 2013
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Ohio has lost over 90% of its wetlands since European settlement and continued development in the state threatens the remaining 10%. As the Conservation Planning Assistance branch of the Division of Ecological Services intensifies its focus on watershed, landscape, and regional-level planning, the Ohio Ecological Services Field Office (OHFO) has grasped the opportunity to shape wetland conservation at the watershed, regional, and landscape scale by emphasizing its contributions to Ohio’s Stream and Wetland Mitigation Interagency Review Team (IRT).

The Ohio field office envisions its participation in the critical, science-based review and approval of wetland mitigation banks offered by the IRT process as an invaluable component of the Service’s mission to conserve the Nation’s wetlands. Ensuring scientifically sound wetland mitigation, developed on the scale of hundreds of acres per bank and serving mitigation needs across several 8-digit watersheds, greatly improves efficiency over project-by-project review of mitigation proposals.

The Ohio IRT oversees approximately thirty active and proposed mitigation banks encompassing over 3,500 wetland acres in two U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Districts. As an integral member of the IRT, OHFO is excited to be able to offer its unique expertise in management of fish and wildlife resources to help shape mitigation bank plans. We value our excellent relationships with the other IRT agencies, and look forward to utilizing these partnerships to further the quality of mitigation for unavoidable impacts to Ohio’s few remaining wetland resources.

Contact Info: Jeromy Applegate, 614-469-6923, ext. 21, jeromy_applegate@fws.gov
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