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East Lansing Field Office Provides Presentation about Michigan's Threatened and Endangered Species at Local Nature Center
Midwest Region, October 20, 2012
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Visitors to the Seven Ponds Nature Center in Dryden, Michigan, learned more about the state's threatened and endangered species during a presentation by East Lansing Field Office biologist Barbara Hosler. Attendees heard about the biology of these species, the reasons for listing, ongoing recovery activities, and actions they can take, such as cleaning boat hulls to prevent the spread of non-native mussels. The audience included both adults and children, who had inquisitive minds and sharp questions. In keeping with the nature center's bird-themed day, the talk also provided a special focus on the successful rebound of the Kirtland's warbler population. Overall, the participants left with a better understanding of Michigan's federally listed species and a new appreciation of the work of the Fish and Wildlife Service.

Contact Info: Barbara Hosler, 517-351-6326, barbara_hosler@fws.gov
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