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REGION 8: Red Bluff Workshop Examines Projects to Improve Fish Passage in California, Nevada and Klamath Basin
California-Nevada Offices , December 5, 2008
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By Bob Clarke, Region 8
Staff from the Region 8 Fisheries, Partners, and Ecological Services programs  met to discuss ways to improve delivery of the Region's Fish Passage Program during a two-day meeting at Red Bluff Fish and Wildlife Office Dec 3-4, 2008. 

Topics discussed  the status of current and pending fish passage projects in the region, prioritization and funding of future projects, manpower and staffing as well as project design and enginnering. This year, Region 8 expects to fund approximately $890,000 worth of projects in California, Nevada and Klamath Basin of Oregon.

The Service's National Fish Passage Program works to restore native aquatic species to self-sustaining levels by reconnecting habitat fragmented by barriers.  Examples of fish passage projects include screening of agricultural water diversions and removing or bypassing small dams that impede fish passage to or from spawning areas. Projects are accomplished through cooperative work of partners including California Department of Fish and Game, CalTrans, local watershed groups and other non-governmental organizations. 

National funding for the  Fish Passage Program has increased from $500,000 in 1999 to $11 million in 2009. Within Region 8, Fish Passage Program project funds have increased from $283,000 in 2007 to over $890,000 in 2009.  The meeting focused on improving cross-programattic coordination between the Region's Fisheries, Partners, and Ecological Services programs.   Improving coordination helps the Region implement strategically-focused projects that will provide the maximum benefit for the Region's aquatic resources. 

Contact Info: Robert Clarke, (916) 414-6581, robert_clarke@fws.gov
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