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SACRAMENTO FWO: Field Office Sponsors Science Talks in 2008
California-Nevada Offices , November 21, 2008
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By Alexandra Pitts

With two major universities (UC Davis and Sacramento State University), two major research centers (U.S. Geological Survey-BRD Western Ecological Research Center and U.S. Forest Service-Sierra Nevada Research Center), as well as a large community of doctoral and post doctoral research scientists located in the area, Sacramento provides a wealth of opportunities to learn first hand about current research.  Every year Ken Sanchez, assistant field supervisor of the Endangered Species Program at the Sacramento Fish and Wildlife Office (SFWO), contacts area scientists, academics and researchers and solicits their participation in the SFWO’s Science Talks Program.  The goal of these presentations is to tap into this wealth of current state-of-the-art science and expose our, mostly office bound, biologists to this information. 


What could be the price for such a rich and varied program?  Ken assures me there is no budget for this and for the price of a SFWO hat these scientists are happy to come share their research and field experience with field office.  Oh, and the milk and cookies are free so it’s best to arrive early.


Below is the program for 2008:


March 20: “Fisher Research in the Southern Sierra; Habitat Use and Limiting Factors,” Kathryn Purcell-Research Scientist, U.S. Forest Service-Sierra Nevada Research Station.


April 9: “Altered Hydrologic Regimes in the Sierra Nevada and Native California Amphibians,Amy Lind-Research Scientist,U.S. Forest Service-Sierra Nevada Research Station.


May 6: “Pika Association With Rock Glaciers in the Sierra Nevada; Implications of Climate Change,” Connie Millar-Research Scientist, U.S. Forest Service-Sierra Nevada Research Station.


May 8: “Current Research on Great Gray Owls in the Sierra Nevada; Addressing Habitat Requirements, Genetics, Disease, Survey Work, etc,” John Keane-Research Scientist, US Forest Service-Sierra Nevada Research Station.


May 15: “Conservation of the Snow Leopard in India,Jerry Roe-Consulting Biologist on contract to U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.


August 21: “Habitat Dynamics of the Yellow-billed Cuckoo on the Sacramento River,” Steve Greco-Associate Professor UC Davis.


September 25: “Nonnative Trout Impact on Alpine-Nesting Birds by Altering Aquatic Insect Subsidies,Peter Epancion-Doctoral Candidate at UC Davis.


October 15: “Status of Vernal Pools in California – Changes since 1997,” Robert Holland wetlands researcher and consultant.


October 22: “Ecology of the Giant Garter Snake- a Model of GGS Habitat Statistically Derived From Data Collected Over a Number of Seasons,Glenn Wylie-Research Scientist, U.S. Geological Survey-Biological Resources Division.


December 4: “Native Amphibians and Non-Native Trout,” Curtis Milliron, Senior Biologist, California Dept. of Fish and Game



Contact Info: Alex Pitts, , alexandra_pitts@fws.gov
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