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Service Biologist Presents Results of Yellow Perch Analysis to Wisconsin DNR
Midwest Region, July 6, 2006
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John Netto, Green Bay Fishery Resources Office, recently attended the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resource‚Äôs Lake Michigan Fisheries Team meeting, presenting preliminary results from integrating two research projects. 


Recently, the Wisconsin DNR and University of Wisconsin conducted a study to describe the diet composition and predatory demand of double breasted cormorants in Green Bay.  Data from this study indicate that the yellow perch eaten by cormorants were primarily two years old or younger. 


The Green Bay Fishery Resources Office is working with the Wisconsin DNR to develop a stock assessment model for the yellow perch population in Green Bay.  The stock assessment model uses fishery and survey data to estimate a time series of adult yellow perch abundance.


Netto used the estimates from the model and age-0 yellow perch trawl catch numbers to estimate an absolute abundance of juvenile yellow perch during the period of the cormorant diet study. 


The estimates of yellow perch abundance and an evaluation of the uncertainty surrounding the estimates will help determine the significance of cormorant induced mortality on the Green Bay yellow perch fishery and population.

Contact Info: Larry Dean, 612-713-5312, Larry_Dean@fws.gov
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