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IZEMBEK: The most active volcano in the Aleutian chain kicks off summer with a bang.
Alaska Region, June 25, 2014
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Mt. Pavlof volcano starts summer with a bang.
Mt. Pavlof volcano starts summer with a bang. - Photo Credit: Doug Danberg

Mt. Pavlof volcano put on yet another show for residents of Cold Bay with its latest eruption during the first two weeks of June. The volcano, one of the most active in the Aleutian chain, is located in the Pavlof Unit of Alaska Peninsula NWR which is managed by Izembek NWR. At it's peak, the volcano's smoke and ash plume reached almost 30,000 feet stretching nearly 50 miles downwind. Refuge staff, located 38 miles away, took precautionary measures to secure equipment and facilities in the event of a potential ash fall. While the Cold Bay area received only minimal ash, more noticeable ash fall occurred on the Southern Alaska Peninsula caribou calving grounds during calving season; however, the specific impacts to the herd and other wildlife in that area aren't currently known. Mt. Pavlof's last eruption was in May/June of 2013.

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