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US Fish & Wildlife Service FieldNotes

Guest lecture at University of Toledo’s Lake Erie Center: “NRDA and Restoration Activities in the Great Lakes”

Region 3, January 23, 2014

On January 23, 2014, Dr. Stephanie Millsap of the East Lansing Field Office spoke at the University of Toledo’s Lake Erie Center during a public seminar series. She provided an overview of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, focusing on the Service’s spill response and Natural Resource Damage Assessment and Restoration capabilities to the approximately 30 individuals from the university community and general public. She used examples of settled Natural Resource Damage Assessment cases to illustrate how the public can be made whole after the release of hazardous substances and/or oil. The presentation was recorded by WGTE Public Media and will be available for viewing on their Knowledge Stream website (http://www.knowledgestream.org/kstream/).

Contact Info: Larry Dean, 612-713-5312, Larry_Dean@fws.gov