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How Can I Obtain a Permit for Wildlife Rehabilitation or Taxidermy?

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service issues wildlife rehabilitation permits for migratory birds. Those permits are issued through the FWS Regional Offices. Please contact the Regional Office nearest you for detailed information or to apply for a permit.

If you are interested in obtaining other kinds of wildlife rehabilitation permits, the Internet offers several ways to obtain information. Sites devoted to wildlife rehabilitation can be found by conducting a search through Internet search engines using 'wildlife rehabilitation permits' as the keywords. The International Wildlife Rehabilitation Council and National Wildlife Rehabilitators Association are also good sources of information. Your local State Department of Natural Resources should also be of assistance. To reach your nearest State DNR online, please check our links to State agencies.

Taxidermy permits for migratory waterfowl are issued by the Fish and Wildlife Service. To apply for a permit, or to obtain more information about the permitting process, please visit the Migratory Bird Taxidermist Permit page.

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