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How Can I Obtain a Fish and Wildlife Service Publication?

Most Fish and Wildlife Service publications are available on the web. To download a publication, please visit our Publications List Home Page. Please follow the instructions for downloading.

If you don't see the publication you are looking for, you may wish to visit our list of Federal Aid publications and our Fish and Wildlife Reference Service. Copies of documents listed in the Fish and Wildlife Reference Service may be ordered by phone at 1-800-582-3421.

Please order documents by using the 9-digit MIN number located at the bottom of each citation. Employees of U.S. State and Federal natural resources agencies are considered to be "Cooperators" and are entitled to ONE free document or 100 free pages of photocopies, or 20 free pages of microfiche. All other individuals are considered to be Clients" and must PRE-PAY in U.S. dollars (check or money order made payable to Fish and Wildlife Reference Service).

If you cannot find the publication in either of these sources, you may be trying to find information which was not published by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Please check with your local library or conduct a Web search.

Videos can be ordered through the National Conservation Training Center Video Library.

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