Can You Help Me Support This Environmental Issue?
Office of External Affairs
The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service can provide assistance to help solve wildlife-related problems. In many cases we can assist you directly through a partnership, grant, or permit - or refer you to other sources of information. However, we can not lobby for or against a particular political issue.

If you observed evidence of wildlife poaching, please contact your state department of natural resources. State agencies handle violations of state wildlife laws and have jurisdiction over most local wildlife management issues.

If you would like to comment on a current Federal wildlife issue, please send your e-mail to contact us and we will forward your message to the appropriate program area. ***If relevant, please remember to identify the geographic location of the area involved (i.e., the state and city/county) as well as the issue.***

Last updated: February 12, 2009
List of Frequently Asked Questions
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