Laws Governing Sales of Wildlife Products Via Internet?
Office of External Affairs
Sales of wildlife and wildlife products over the Internet, particularly through auction sites such as eBay, are an ever-increasing concern. There are various laws that apply to this type of commerce. The majority of auction sites have regulations posted for review, and internal controls are in place to screen items offered for sale. While most wildlife-related items that appear for sale on Internet sites are in compliance with Federal and State laws, items that are illegal to possess or sell nontheless find their way onto the web. Some vendors on these sites use language or logos that imply U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service endorsement of their offerings. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service does not, and will not, endorse any of these businesses or individuals.

For explanation of Federal laws governing Internet sales of wildlife and wildlife products, or to report questionable items for sale on auction sites, please contact the Fish and Wildlife Service's Division of Law Enforcement. You can also check eBay's guidance on sales of wildlife products.

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Last updated: February 11, 2009
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