Our Division is the Fish and Wildlife Service's lead for print, publishing, the Customer Call Center, the Web and social media. Our customers range from Service employees to the public.

Our Branch of Printing and Publishing:

  • Provides technical and policy support in the production of printed materials
  • Serves as the main point of contact to the General Printing Office for brochures and printed materials including the Code of Federal Regulations
  • Oversees the agency’s call center, which responds to about 100,000 phone calls and 6,000 emails from the public each year
  • Maintains an in-house team to respond to inquiries that can't be handled by call center staff.

Our Branch of Digital Strategy:

  • Establishes digital media policy
  • Develops and maintains the Agency's home page and various supporting pages
  • Operates the national social media accounts and the Open Spaces blog
  • Oversees the Agency's overall web presence including www.fws.gov and all social media sites
  • Produces and edits videos
  • Assists other offices in the creation of online videos
  • Provides training and guidance throughout the Agency in digital media creation and policy
  • Maintains the Agency's internal website

Management Staff:

Nancy S. Monroe
Chief, Division of Marketing Communications

Mark Newcastle
Chief, Branch of Printing and Publishing

David Yeargin
Chief, Branch of Digital Strategy