Eufaula National Wildlife Refuge
Southeast Region
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Wildlife at Eufaula NWR

Flock of birds. Credit: USFWS

Flock of birds. Credit: USFWS

The Eufaula NWR is home to a large variety of birds, mammals, reptiles and insects. Habitats range from lake to shallow shores, from creeks to wetlands, from open fields to shaded woodlands. In addition to the many species which call the refuge home year round, many more use the refuge as a migratory destination or stop over during the fall, winter and spring.

Check out the Wildlife Calendar to find out what you might see on your visit.

Where can we see the birds?

Waterfowl can be seen most easily November through February. Visitors are directed to the Upland Waterfowl Viewing Platform overlooking the Upland Impoundment. It is a covered, open-air pavilion, and the impoundment is a shallow water area managed specifically as a waterfowl resting and feeding area.

To see wading and waterbirds, visitors are directed to one of four impoundments, three of which have active nesting colonies of several species.

Access these areas by automobile, walking and biking. In the spring, look for breeding herons and egrets on Bird Island visible from the Wildlife Drive. The island is off limits to visitors.

For migratory songbirds, we suggest walks into wooded areas around the wildlife drive or other areas. Many other wildlife species such as alligators, hawks, and deer can be seen along the 7-mile wildlife drive.

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Last updated: August 13, 2008