Post-Government Employment

Your Service experience and expertise may make you attractive to a private sector employer. In general, you are free to seek post-Government employment with any employer.  However, if you are seeking employment while still employed by the Service, you must recuse (disqualify) yourself from official involvement on any matter that would have an effect on the financial interests of your prospective employer.  After leaving the Service, a criminal statute may impose certain limitations on the type of work that you may perform for your new employer for certain period of time.  In addition, the Procurement Integrity Act imposes additional restrictions for certain positions.

The post-government employment statute and regulations are very complicated.  We recommend that you consult an ethics counselor if you plan to accept a job with a non-Federal employer after you leave the Service. 

For more information on the laws related to seeking post government employment see:

For more information on the laws related to post government employment activities see: