Outside Employment and Activities

Generally, you are permitted to conduct outside work or activities unless they are prohibited by statute or regulation, or would require you to be disqualified from working on Service matters that are central or critical to the performance of your official duties. 

If the outside activity is for a "prohibited source" you are required to receive prior approval from your supervisor and ethics counselor with DI-7010 "Request for Ethics Approval to Engage in Outside Employment and Activities".  (A "prohibited source" includes any person, company, or organization that does business with the Service, is seeking to do business with the Service, conducts operations that are regulated by the Service, or has any interests that might be affected by the performance or non-performance of your official duties, or is an organization a majority of whose members are described above. To make the determination, you may use the Decision Tree: Is the person or organization a "prohibited source?" or contact your serving Ethics Counselor for advice.)

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