Gambling Activities

Unless authorized by statute or regulation, all forms of gambling activities are prohibited at all times in facilities owned or leased by the Government.  Also, Federal employees may not engage in gambling activities while on duty.  Violations of these regulations may be cause for disciplinary action.
To be prohibited, the gambling activity must include the following three elements:

  1. Game of chance:  The activity must be a game of chance which includes but is not limited to, a raffle, lottery, sports pool, game of cards, the selling or purchasing of a numbers slip or ticket, or any game for money or property.
  2. Consideration:  Players must provide consideration for the opportunity to play the game; Consideration includes a participation fee, a wager of money, and something of value.
  3. A prize:  The winner must receive a prize such as a monetary award, or a tangible or intangible item.  Examples include meals, drinks, administrative leave, gift certificates, tickets to events, or cash.