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South Carolina's Safe Havens

In Summer 2013, staff at the Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge in Maine stumbled across a wonderful surprise—a female piping plover (Charadrius melodus) walking along... Read More

Stories from - SOUTH CAROLINA

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Protect It, and They Will Come

Each November brings a sense of anticipation to residents of the South Carolina lowcountry. It is an anticipation of cooler weather, fall hunts, and the arrival of... Read More

Featured Species in South Carolina

Swamp pink. Photo credit: Gene Nieminen, USFWS

Swamp pink

Swamp pink is a perennial herb in the lily family. It is known to occur in headwater streams and mountain bogs from New Jersey to Georgia.

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Swamp pink.

Photo credit: Gene Nieminen, USFWS

Partnership Stories in South Carolina

New England Cottontail.  Photo credit: John Maxwell, USFWS

Red-cockaded Woodpeckers

The red-cockaded woodpecker plays a vital role in the intricate web of life of the southern pine forests. Red-cockaded woodpeckers are 'primary' cavity nesters, meaning they are responsible for the construction of cavities. In the southern pine ecosystem there are many 'secondary' cavity users that benefit from the RCWs work. More »

Found in South Carolina

  • Carolina heelsplitter. Photo credit: John Fridell, USFWS

    Like other freshwater mussels, the Carolina heelsplitter (Lasmigona decorate) feeds by filtering food particles from the water column. It is known to only a few river systems in the Carolinas. The species has been reduced to a few short reaches of each of these streams, primarily as a result of impoundments and channelization projects and the general deterioration of water quality.

    Photo credit: John Fridell, USFWS

  • Miccosukee gooseberry. Photo credit: Vivian Negron Ortiz, USFWS

    In South Carolina, the Miccosukee gooseberry (Ribes echinellum) is found only at Steven's Creek Heritage Preserve and Sumter National Forest in McCormick County. This perennial shrub produces green berries and is usually found in mixed hardwood forests dominated by cherrybark oak, swamp chestnut oak, painted buckeye and southern sugar maple. They are protected on public lands, but herbivory and invasive species continue to pose a threat.

    Photo credit: Vivian Negron Ortiz, USFWS

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Last updated: June 4, 2020