Endangered Species Program
Conserving the Nature of America

Endangered Species Quiz
ES Day 2011



1) The Endangered Species Act is one of the most successful environmental laws ever put into place, and has been credited with having saved ______% of the species it protects.

a. 50
b. 80
c. 99
d. 75

2) There are ______ species that are currently listed as either endangered or threatened in the United States?

a. about 750
b. about 2,400
c. about 1,300

3) There are more plants on the federal list of endangered species than there are animals.

a. True
b. False

4) This group of animals is considered the most endangered in the U.S.

a. Birds
b. Fish
c. Retiles
d. Mammals

5) There are endangered and threatened species in ______ state(s).

a. 1
b. 37
c. 50
d. 44

6) There are more listed species in ______ than there are in any other state

a. California
b. Hawaii
c. Florida
d. Texas

7) What is the most common threat resulting in species becoming endangered or threatened?

a. Habitat loss and degradation
b. Overharvesting
c. Disease
d. Invasive species

8) It is estimated that ______% of freshwater mussels in the U.S. are currently extinct, endangered, or in need of special protection.

a. 33
b. 25
c. 50
d. 70

9) Since the Endangered Species Act was passed in 1973, ______ species have been removed from the threatened and endangered list because they went extinct?

a.  More than 50
b.  About 25
c.  Fewer than 10

10) What do the Robbins’ cinquefoil, Tinian monarch, and Virginia northern flying squirrel all have in common?

a. They are all now extinct species
b. They are all currently listed as endangered species
c. They have all been recovered and removed from the threatened and endangered species list  







  1. c) 99%
  2. c) 1,300
  3. a) True
  4. b) Fish
  5. c) 50
  6. b) Hawaii, with 380 listed plants and animals.  California is second with 308 listed species.
  7. a) Habitat loss and fragmentation
  8. d) 70%
  9. c) Fewer than 10
  10. c) They have all been recovered and removed from the threatened and endangered species list


Last updated: November 2, 2011