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Hiking on Hart Mountain National Antelope Refuge/Credit:USFWS Hiking on Hart Mountain National Antelope Refuge/Credit:USFWS

Banking On Nature 2017: The Economic Contributions of National Wildlife Refuge Recreational Visitation to Local Communities

The varied and abundant network of the National Wildlife Refuge System lands and waters generates many individual and societal benefits. Banking on Nature focuses on economic contributions associated with recreational visitation

Banking On Nature 2017 Banking on Nature 2017 Report

This report estimates the economic role that national wildlife refuge recreational visitors play in local economies nationwide.

Map of US with points representing Refuges Individual National Wildlife Refuge Economic Contribution Reports

Economic contribution reports for 162 sampled national wildlife refuges are available for a more in-depth examination of the individual results.

Screen capture of Data Visualiztion National Wildlife Refuge Data Visualizations

A snapshot of individual refuge results is available for users to explore recreational visitor spending, jobs, employment income, and local economic output.