Division of Economics
Discussion Papers

The papers presented below are for discussion purposes only. They may not represent the official view of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Please contact the authors with any comments or suggestions. Do not cite these papers without the permission of the author.


Amenity Values of Proximity to National Wildlife Refuges


National Wildlife Refuge Wetland Ecosystem Service Valuation Model, Phase 1 Report


Characteristics of Existing Federal Conservation Banks


List of FWS Sanctioned Conservation Banks (as of June 2007)


Economic Analysis of Black Carp Injurious Species Rule

Silver Carp Injurious Species Rule


The Challenging Role of Economics in the Designation of Critical Habitat


An Economic Analysis of Piping Plover Recovery Activities on the Atlantic Coast presents five case studies on how beach closures and other activities to improve nesting success for the Piping Plover affected the local economy. This is an unusual look backward at how preserving an endangered species affected those nearby.


Economic Analysis of a Proposed National Wildlife Refuge at Cherry Valley, Monroe County, Pennsylvania.




Last updated: April 30, 2015
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