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Eagle Identification/Photos

The section below contains photos that will help you identify the difference between adult and immature Bald and Golden Eagles. Additional photos have been included which show examples of eagle feather orders of 20 miscellaneous and 10 quality loose feathers for adult and immature Bald and Golden Eagles.

*Disclaimer: The photos of loose feathers (pictured below) are for example purposes only. No representation is made or warranty given as to the exact appearance of the feathers you will receive upon fulfilment of your order.

20 Miscellaneous Loose Feathers

10 Quality Loose Feathers

Eagle feathers. Credit: USFWS.

Fact Sheets

Learn everything you need to know about the transportation of eagle parts and feathers.

Bald eagle in flight. Credit: George Gentry, USFWS.

Laws & Regulations

Here you will learn all you need to know about the laws and regulations concerning the protection of Bald and Golden Eagles.

Greater Sage-Grouse distribution map. Credit: USFWS.


Frequently asked questions, procedures for obtaining eagle parts and feathers, photos, statistics, and more.