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Dworshak Fisheries Complex provides year-round visitor services, public outreach and education programs for Complex facilities and in the surrounding communities.  Our education programs include:

  • increasing knowledge of hatcheries and the role hatcheries play in mitigating for losses incurred by the construction and operation of dams, species restoration and recovery efforts.
  • increasing knowldge of Chinook and Coho salmon and B-run steelhead in the Clearwater River basin.
  • developing and implementing high quality and effective educational materials in the form of videos and on-site displays encompassing fish culture activities as well as monitoring and evaluation and fish health.

The education program meets these goals through a variety of activities both at the hatcheries and off-site in the local area.  We also provide resources to educators to aid classroom instruction.  Some of our activities and resources include: 

All Hatchery education programs and resources are provided free of charge.

Hatchery Tours

The Dworshak staff provided hatchery tours.  The most popular time for a hatchery tour is during the steelhead spawning season (February – April) and in August during Chinook spawning.  Guided tours focus on the anadromous fish life cycle at the hatchery.  Students get to see the spawning room (and spawning, in-season), incubation room, nursery, outdoor ponds, and fish ladder.  Students will view several steelhead life stages throughout the tour.  Tours should be arranged in advance  (recommend two weeks ahead of time) by calling the hatchery at 208-476-4591.  The majority of the tours we give are for schools; however, tours are available to any and all groups.  So, if you are simply visiting the local area and want to learn more about the hatchery and what we do, pick up the phone and give us a call.  We can accommodate any age or group!

Classroom Programs & Presentations

Dworshak Fish Hatchery’s hatchery staff can facilitate presentations or activities on many fisheries-related topics.  These lessons can take place at your school, at the Hatchery, or at another location.  Topics include fish life cycles, migration, anatomy, habitat, fish identification, watersheds, and other wildlife programs.  Our staff can also create lessons and activities to suit the needs of your classroom. Classroom programs can be targeted to any age group or group size.  For more information, or to schedule any of these programs, please call or email Kim Mccorkle at (208) 476-4591.

Hatchery in the Classroom Program

The Hatchery in the Classroom (HIC) Program attempts to bring steelhead trout life history, hatchery operations and fisheries conservation to life.  Throughout the program, students learn about steelhead in hatcheries and in their natural environment by rearing them from egg to fry.  The program targets classrooms in grades 4-12 within a 50 mile radius of Dworshak  Fish Hatchery.  This program is an interdisciplinary, hands-on classroom project.  Each project takes place from February through May.  Those classes selected to participate in HIC receive:

  • a fish tank and all necessary equipment
  • a teacher guidebook and companion curriculum
  • training in use of the equipment and fish care
  • 50-100 steelhead eggs, depending on tank size

Teachers must apply to participate in HIC.  Up to 10 schools will be selected each year.  To request an information packet and application, call or email Kim Mccorkle at (208) 476-4591.

Some schools develop a complex, interdisciplinary unit around their Hatchery in the Classroom project, including field trips and multiple activities provided by Dworshak Fisheries Complex staff.

Other Off-site Programs

You may see Dworshak Fish Hatchery’s hatchery  staff at other events in and around the Clearwater Valley.  We provide fisheries education for students at various events in the local area such as county fairs, resource career days at local schools and colleges, and outdoor shows.  If you would like more information about these or other events, or if you would like to invite us to be present at your event, please call or email Kim Mccorkle at (208) 476-4591.

Last updated: October 3, 2018
Dworshak National Fish Hatchery Complex
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