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Director's Corner

Dan Ashe served as FWS Director from June 2011 until January 2017. The following is an archive of blogs authored by Director Ashe during that time. This content is intended for historical reference only and not as a representation of current Service policy or opinion.

Conserving 'All' Chimpanzees

We are proposing today to give all chimpanzees the full protections of the Endangered Species Act, or ESA.

Chimpanzees by Chi King, Flickr

Threats batter chimpanzees as habitat loss, poaching and disease continue. A growing human population across the 22 countries of Equatorial Africa is also taking its toll. As humans demand more, chimpanzees get less -- Less land, less water, less food, less everything.

More information on protecting chimpanzees

Conservation heroes like British primatologist Jane Goodall have dedicated their lives to understand chimpanzees in the wild and raise worldwide awareness about their plight.  We stand with Dr. Goodall and others today in the hope that this proposal will ignite renewed public interest in the status of chimpanzees in the wild.

We have also been helping chimpanzees for years. Our Great Ape Conservation Fund has been steadily promoting their conservation.


Bravo! This is an important, much-needed proposal to protect our evolutionary cousins. Please see this through to promulgation, and keep up the great work. Can we do this for the other great apes too?
# Posted By Tim B. | 6/18/13 1:56 PM

Action on placing chimpanzees on the endangered list is long overdue. In fact, they should never have been subjected to the cruelties they were forced to endure. It is an ongoing source of shame for human animals to treat our cousins so badly. Next step (not through FWS) is to save their habitat in the wild.
# Posted By Ingrid | 6/23/13 2:24 PM

Bravo! Huzzah! I've waited decades for this action. May and and your colleagues succeed.
# Posted By Jacqueline Read | 6/26/13 7:33 PM

Hallelujah! This has been tooooo long in coming.

Salute! to Director Ashe and FWS for setting the bar high and doing the right thing for chimpanzees.

Jean Barnes, Atlanta
# Posted By Jean Barnes | 7/10/13 1:30 PM

Thankyou so very much for this proposal, and compassion for the chimpanzees. Bravo is right!!
# Posted By elise allen | 6/16/14 9:44 AM

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