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Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers provide much needed assistance with wildlife refuge projects. They are often able to complete work that staff members cannot fit into their schedules. The hours and work assignments are tailored to meet the needs of both the wildlife refuge staff and the volunteer.

Moapa Valley NWR has ongoing volunteer opportunities that include visitor contact and general maintenance of facilities. Visitor contact docents are active during Recreational Vehicle resident hiatuses. For questions, contact the Volunteer Program Coordinator. Applications for these and all ongoing southern Nevada FWS volunteer positions can be accessed on the Internet at (external link). Enter the search filters of State: Nevada, and Agency: Fish & Wildlife Service.

Moapa Valley NWR has a RV pad and hookup. If RV arrangements are made, 32 hours per week and a three-month minimum commitment are required.

Habitat restoration work occurs in all seasons except the summer. To see and register for an upcoming volunteer event, check (external link).

The Friends of the DNWRC are a collection of conservationists also involved in volunteerism at all the wildlife refuges within the complex. For more information about the Friends group, email:

Other volunteer positions will be considered on an individual basis.

We need you!

For further information contact:

Harry Konwin
Volunteer Program Coordinator
Desert NWR Complex

Girl Scouts Assist With Cattail Removal At Moapa Valley NWR


Last updated: September 20, 2011