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Schoolyard Habitat

Schoolyard habitat projects provide habitat for wildlife on school property.  These habitats can also provide a vegetative buffer to nearby streams, reducing pollution reaching these waterways. Schoolyard habitats offer many teaching and learning opportunities in English, science, mathematics, history, geography, social studies and art. Some examples of our work include:

Schoolyard habitat project

St. Anne's School

St. Annes occupies approximately 40-acres of land that was previously part of a working farm. Adjacent to the school property there is a 4-acre lake and a half-acre drainage pond. The current school administration is interested in reforesting as much of the property as will be consistent with projected enrollment.  The first phase of the project involved establishing emergents and appropriate woody species on the margins of the drainage pond and tree seedlings in an adjacent upland area. Read more...

University of Delaware Dune Creation

This one half acre dune habitat creation is a focal landscaping element that is being used to educate the public and post secondary students about the importance of coastal dune protection, and the use of native plants for coastal landscaping.  This site helps to provide guidance for the public in the selection and use of native plant species.  More than 2,000 visitors tour this site annually. Read more...

Last updated: July 18, 2012

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