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Priority Species

Shorebirds flying
Delaware bay is the second largest concentration of shorebirds in North America.

The Delaware Bay contains some of the country’s most important migratory bird habitat. During fall and winter millions of birds, many juveniles, pass through this area on their southbound migration.  Tens of thousands of waterfowl can be found there feeding and resting during the winter months. Each spring, the area hosts the second largest concentration of shorebirds in North America as birds migrating from South America to the Arctic stop to fuel up for the long journey north.  The largest heronry in the Eastern United States is at Pea Patch Island, in the Delaware River.  The river and bay are important for Shad, Atlantic Sturgeon, sharks, sea turtles, and marine mammals. 

Two of our highest priority species groups are:

Migratory Land Birds

Shorebirds and horsehoe crabs

Last updated: July 18, 2012

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