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Participants in the three-day workshop addressed the latest science on climate change and coral bleaching (Day 1), reviewed current efforts to develop management strategies in the context of coral bleaching (Day 2), and discussed ways to better integrate science and management information to address the challenges posed by a changing climate (Day 3).

Status of Science

Coral reefs depend on a narrow range of biological, oceanographic and environmental features for survival.  Day 1 presentations focused on the state of the art in the science of coral bleaching, including the physiology of the coral-algal bleaching response, how global change factors such as temperature and light interact with other stressors to trigger bleaching, and the current understanding of hydrodynamic and oceanographic influences on bleaching conditions.

Status of Management

Management of coral reef parks, protected areas and refuges presents a series of socio-economic challenges requiring political balance and common sense.  Day 2 presentations addressed key issues and responses associated with management of coral reefs in the context of climate change and coral bleaching; this included regional overviews of activities, programmatic reviews by non-governmental organizations and international partners, and presentations of emergent principles and tools that are under development to address management challenges.

Developing the Framework and Next Steps

Day 3 discussions focused on the goal of developing a system or framework by which management and science efforts can be better integrated to improve coral reef management and to develop novel tools and approaches. A keynote address on management models was followed by a series of topical “Breakout Sessions” in which stakeholders participated in brainstorming discussions to share knowledge, compile information resources, and explore ideas for novel approaches.



Coral Reefs, Climate, & Coral Bleaching Workshop  June 18 - 20 Oahu, Hawaii
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