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Workshop Outcomes

Senator Inouye's Opening Statement

Senator Daniel K. Inouye (D – HI) opened the Coral Reefs, Climate, & Coral Bleaching workshop by reminding the participants that the shared efforts of scientists and resource managers are critical to the preservation of the world's coral reef ecosystems.

To see a pdf version of Senator Inouye's statement, please click here.

A Reef Manager's Guide to Coral Bleaching

“A Reef Manager’s Guide to Coral Bleaching” is being developed as a result of the presentations and discussions that occurred at the workshop. The goal of the Guide is to capture the state of the art and the existing knowledge relevant to management of reefs threatened by coral bleaching. The lead writer and coordinator of the Guide is Dr. Paul Marshall of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority; Dr. Marshall has been compiling information and creating new material with assistance from various expert stakeholders. The Guide is currently in draft form and is under review by members of the workshop's organizing committee and by experts in the field.  The next steps will include a formal presentation of the Guide to reef managers in a workshop setting to discuss the Guide’s applicability.  After further revisions, the document will be made available to the full community of reef managers globally. See the Guide’s outline for more details.

[New!] Coral Reefs, Climate, & Coral Bleaching
See the Workshop Outcomes for more details.  Additional comments on the outcomes can be found on the Coral-List discussion list server.


Coral Reefs, Climate, & Coral Bleaching Workshop  June 18 - 20 Oahu, Hawaii
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