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This online project review process is intended for use by landowners, applicants, consultants, agency personnel, and any other individual or entity requiring U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (Service) review or approval of their project within the State of Tennessee. You should complete this online process before contacting our office.

Through this process, you will follow step-by-step guidance and access information that will allow you to identify threatened and endangered species, designated critical habitat, and other Federal trust resources that may be affected by your project. You will be able to assess whether your project is likely to affect these resources. This process is intended to provide quick and accurate determinations and information to help ensure that trust resources are considered and conserved while planning and conducting activities.

If upon completion of this process you determine that your project is unlikely to affect these resources, you can certify your determination, and no further coordination will be required. If your project may affect these resources, the review package developed through the process will expedite further review when it is submitted to our office. 

Because the website and information is frequently updated to provide new trust resource information and methods to review projects, refer to the website for each project review to ensure that current information is utilized.

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For information related to the possible presence of wetlands within a project action area, please visit the U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service National Wetland Inventory Wetlands Mapper site

Please note that the map products in Wetlands Mapper were neither designed nor intended to represent legal or regulatory products.  Federal, state, and local regulatory agencies with jurisdiction over wetlands (Corps of Engineers and the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation) may define and describe wetlands in a different manner than that used in the Wetlands Mapper inventory.   Detailed on-the-ground inspection of any particular site may be needed.  Persons intending to engage in activities involving modifications within or adjacent to wetland areas should seek the advice of appropriate federal, state, or local agencies concerning specified agency regulatory programs and proprietary jurisdictions that may affect such activities.





















Project Review Steps

Step 1. Action Area

Step 2. Official Species List

Step 3. State Coordination

Step 4. Suitable Habitat

Step 5. Critical Habitat

Step 6 - Eagle Nests

Step 7a - Determinations

Step 7b - NLEB Determinations

Step 8 - Project Review Package

Last updated: January 27, 2017
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