Migratory Bird Program Field Office
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North Carolina Migratory Bird Field Office

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John Stanton

Supervisory Wildlife Biologist

North Carolina
Migratory Bird Field Office
U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service
Ph: 252.796.2400

Established in 1967 providing biological assistance on wildlife habitat and population management to North Carolina, South Carolina and Southeastern Virginia National Wildlife Refuges, with emphasis on migratory birds.

We assist North Carolina private landowners with wetland habitat restoration, enhancement and management. This technical assistance and project cost share assistance development is provided through Partners-for-Fish and Wildlife and North Carolina Partners. Our emphases in these projects are for waterfowl, shorebirds, wading birds, and other wetland dependant wildlife.

The North Carolina Field Office works in partnerships to implement national migratory bird objectives and ecosystem objectives for the North and South Carolina area. Our partners include, the Atlantic Flyway Council, The Atlantic Coast Joint Venture, North Carolina Partners in Flight, state wildlife agencies (particularly North Carolina Wildlife Resource Commission, and South Carolina Department of Natural Resources) and other state and federal agencies, private conservation organizations and private landowners. Our work area includes parts of three Fish and Wildlife Service ecosystems; the Roanoke-Tar-Neuse-Cape Fear (RTNCF),
the Savannah -Santee-Pee Dee (SSPD) and the Southern Appalachian (SA).

Last Updated:October 2016