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Columbia River Fisheries Program Office - Staff

Staff Picture - 2012

Any staff member may be contacted by dialing (360) 604-2500, or by clicking the link to their e-mail address listed below.
Executive Branch
Vacant Project Leader  
Kyle Hanson Deputy Project Leader
Christina Wang (formerly Luzier) Fish Biologist
Administration Branch
Larry Fishler Administrative Officer (Lead)
Cynthia Hutchinson Office Assistant
Christina Uh Office Automation Clerk
Andrea Houts Supervisory Budget Analyst (Assistant Lead)
Bob Haverkate Agreements Assistant (OA)
Science Application and Management Branch
Science Application Group
Tim Whitesel Supervisory Biometrician (Lead)
Doug Olson Supervisory Fish Biologist
Conservation & Mitigation Group
vacant Supervisory Fish Biologist (Lead)  
Amy Horstman Fish and Wildlife Biologist (Habitat Restoration)
Michael Hudson Supervisory Fish Biologist
Jeff Johnson Fish Biologist - Information and Education Coordinator
Sam Lohr Fish Biologist
Jennifer Poirier Fish Biologist
Ron Rhew Fish Biologist
David Swank Fish Biologist
Analytical Services
Steven Haeseker Fish Biologist (Biometrician) (Lead)
Julie Harris Statistician (Aquatic Biology)
David Hines GIS Analyst
Todd Gilmore Fish Biologist
Field Implementation Branch
Marking, Detection & Technology Group
Jesse Rivera Supervisory Fish Biologist (Lead)
Dan Butler Fish Biologist
Chuck Fuller Biological Science Technician
Geoff Gribble Biological Science Technician geoff_gribble
Pat Kemper Biological Science Technician
Steve Lazzini Biological Science Technician
Courtney Newlon Fish Biologist (Assistant Lead)
James Archibald Fish Biologist
Brian Davis Fish Biologist
Population & Habitat Assessment Group
David Hand Supervisory Fish Biologist
Judith Barkstedt Fish Biologist
Bill Brignon Fish Biologist
Kari Dammerman Fish Biologist
Brook Pattison Silver Fish Biologist
Vacant Supervisory Fish Biologist (Assistant Lead)
Marshall Barrows Fish Biologist
Paul Sankovich Fish Biologist
Joe Skalicky Fish Biologist

Last updated: March 15, 2017
Columbia River Fisheries Program Office
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