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Goals outlined by the National Strategy for the Conservation of Native Freshwater Mussels

Freshwater Mollusk Conservation Society

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Powerpoint Presentations

“Pacific Northwest Freshwater Bivalves: Life History and Ecology” presented by John Fleckenstein, Natural Heritage Program, Department of Natural Resources

“Some Recent and Historical Records for Northwestern U. S. Unionids” presented by Terry Frest, Deixis Consultants

“Historical Distribution and Taxonomy of Freshwater Mollusks of the Western United States” presented by Jayne Brim Box, U. S. Forest Service

“Status of Freshwater Mussel Management in Nevada”, presented by Anita Cook, Nevada Division of Wildlife

“Washington State Unionid Mussel Distribution” presented by Kevin Aitkin, U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service

“Mussel Inventory of the Owyhee River, OR” presented by Cynthia Tait, Oregon Bureau of Land Management

“Freshwater Mussel Distribution in Tarboo Creek” presented by Peter Bahls, Northwest Watershed Institute

“Association of a Rare Color Form of Margaritifera falcata with Stream Habitat Complexity” presented by Michelle Steg, The Nature Conservancy of Oregon

“Freshwater Mussel Bed Size, Density, and Population Age Structure in Upper Bear Creek, King County, Washington” presented by Micah Wait, Washington Trout

“Distribution and Habitat Use of the Western Pearlshell Mussel in Cedar Creek, Washington”, presented by Jen Stone, U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service

“Freshwater mussels in a California North Coast Range river: occurrence, distribution, and controls” presented by Jeanette Howard, U. C. Berkeley

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Howard Movie 4

“Effect of 2001 Drought on Two Mussel Species at the Sycan Marsh” presented by Michelle Steg, The Nature Conservancy of Oregon

Margaritifera falcata mortality associated with an excessive degree of shell erosion in low-hardness waters of the Siuslaw Watershed, Oregon” presented by Ray Kinney, Siuslaw Watershed Council

“Freshwater ‘Mussel Watch’ as Part of a Risk Assessment-Based Monitoring and Assessment Strategy to Characterize Stressor Exposure and Associated Effects” presented by Michael Salazar, Applied Biomonitoring

“Volunteer Monitoring for Zebra Mussels in the Western U. S.” presented by Diane Kightlinger, Portland State University

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