Concentration- Lamprey Project
The classic memory game. The cards below begin face down. Click on one to turn it over.
Try to find the second card that matches the first. If the second does not match, both
cards return to a face down position. If they do match, the cards are removed to reveal part of the background image.

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Picture of 3 adult Pacific lamprey at rest Picture of 3 adult Pacific lamprey at rest

Cedar Creek at the Grist Mill Cedar Creek at the Grist Mill

A lamprey egg A lamprey egg

A macropthalmia A macropthalmia

Pacific lamprey suctorial disc A Pacific lamprey mouth

lamprey nest An example of a finished lamprey nest

Sampling for lamprey Sampling the stream for lamprey

Rotary screw trap The rotary screw trap, used for capture of ammocoetes and macropthalmia

Pot trap A pot trap used for capture of adult lamprey

Spawning Pacific lamprey Spawning Pacific lamprey - Learn more about the spawning behavior here