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Steve Pastor

After receiving a B.S. in Biology from Penn State, Steve spent the first twelve years of his career raising fish at national fish hatcheries across the country, and being trained to be a fish hatchery manager. He's been using computers since the days of the key punch machine, has written software for hatcheries, and, during the second half of his career, fisheries and other offices.

Steve has spent years developing and refining the Columbia River information System (CRiS). CRiS is a database record keeping system for recording and processing fish production and fisheries management information

By combining recovery information downloaded from the Regional Mark Information Center and release information in CRiS, Steve completes the Annual Stock Assessment for National Fish Hatcheries in the Columbia River Basin.

Steve represents the Fish & Wildlife Service on the interagency StreamNet database, a centralized, Internet accessible aquatic resource database.

Reading, dancing (most recently Argentine Tango), gardening, and staying fit are some of Steve's regular activities. Then there are the occasional adventures...

Selected Publications and Presentations:

"An Evaluation of Fresh Water Recoveries of Fish Released from National Fish Hatcheries in the Columbia River Basin, and Observations of Straying" in Propagated Fishes in Resource Management, 2004, published by the American Fisheries Society

"The Microcomputer - New Aquaculture Tool" Aquaculture '83 Washington, D.C. January 1983

"Creating and following a Paperless Trail - the Columbia River (information) System (CRiS)" at the Organization of Fish and Wildlife Information Managers 4th Microcomputer Applications in Fish and Wildlife, Stateline, Nevada October, 1999

To contact Steve, please call 360.604.2500 or email


Raising lake trout at Hiawatha Forest NFH on the upper peninsula of Michigan. Return to Top

The first load of  lake trout is ready to leave  Iron River NFH in northern Wisconsin.  Pictured from left to right are John Antilla, Dave Hendrix, Gator, Steve, and Graden West


Steve and dance partner Cathy Jakes.Return to Top




Made it to Kibo Hut on Mount Kilmanjaro, that was it. Don't ask.Grand Canyon.Return to TopReaching the summit of Mt. Adams.

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