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9-24-2012 - Genetics Study Molecular Ecology published a new genetics study today by University of Colorado, Boulder, researchers on cutthroat trout in Colorado (Metcalf et al., 2012). (Article access requires subsciption to Molecular Ecology.)

This study compared cutthroat DNA from museum specimens collected in the late 1880s with cutthroat DNA from current populations.To access the article (requires subscription to Molecular Ecology), the Recovery Team's press release, and additional information please visit the following links:

Greenback Cutthroat Trout Recovery Team's Press Release (PDF)

University of Colorado at Boulder Press Release (External Link)

USFWS Fact SheetColorado Parks & Wildlife's Cutthroat Trout Website (External Link)

Fact Sheet: Overview of Endandered Species Act Evaluation Process of Recent Cutthroat Trout Research in Colorado (PDF)

Thumbnail of mapsMap Graphic:Revised historic range of the cutthroat trout in Colorado based on new genetics study (JPEG)


Metcalf, J. L., Love Stowell, S., Kennedy, C. M., Rogers, K. B., McDonald, D., Epp, J., Keepers, K., Cooper, A., Austin, J. J. and Martin, A. P. (2012), Historical stocking data and 19th century DNA reveal human-induced changes to native diversity and distribution of cutthroat trout. Molecular Ecology. doi: 10.1111/mec.12028
Requires subscription to Molecular Ecology


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