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Our Partners in Conservation

Volunteers help with the restoration of Turkey Creek in New Jersey. Photo USFWSThe Coastal Program accomplishes work through voluntary partnerships. The Coastal Program supports an important component of the Service’s mission “to work with others” by engaging external partners and other Service programs in stewardship activities that restore, enhance and protect fish and wildlife habitats. A shared interest in habitat conservation is the foundation of our partnerships.

Our partners include Federal, Tribal, state and local government agencies; non-governmental organizations; private corporations; foundations; land trusts; and individual landowners. The Program develops partnerships taking into consideration the priorities and opportunities in their geographic areas.

Wetland Phragmites Sampling, Crane Creek, OH. Photo USFWSWe are more effective as a partner when we can contribute to shared conservation goals. One of our primary contributions is “state-of-art” species and habitat information that we use to promote conservation and stewardship. In our partnership role, we can also use funding and/or technical assistance to influence the design and scope of plans and projects. The Service’s biological expertise and field presence help ensure that projects are cost-effective and targeted to benefit important fish and wildlife resources.


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