Ocean View Farm – Allens Pond Marshes Wetlands Protection Project

The Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation, in partnership with the Buzzards Bay Coalition and the Dartmouth Natural Resources Trust, will protect 72.40 acres of coastal saltmarsh and adjacent uplands along the shoreline of the Allens Pond Estuary on Buzzards Bay in Dartmouth, Massachusetts. Allens Pond is an especially high quality coastal embayment with high water and sediment quality, extensive eelgrass beds and excellent living resources that include shellfish, fin fish and coast dependent birds. Further, these significant resources help to support Buzzards Bay’s globally significant nesting populations of terns. These lands are highly ecologically sensitive, yet, because of their coastal location, expansive ocean views and abundant recreational opportunities, they are highly threatened by development. This project will safeguard the sensitive and ecologically important Allens Pond Estuary by protecting Ocean View Farm and adjacent salt marshes, which is the last significant piece of land that remains threatened by development around the estuary.