Great Lakes Alvar Wetland Protection – Red Bank

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR) proposes to assist with the fee acquisition of 140 acres and the habitat enhancement of 29 acres on the proposed acquisition and 15 acres on the neighboring Red Banks Alvar State Natural Area (SNA) located adjacent to the bay of Green Bay in Brown County, Wisconsin. Acquisition of the proposed tract will provide the long-term protection of 140 acres of a globally rare habitat community that only occurs in five areas of the world. The project will protect 57 acres of palustrine emergent, scrub/shrub, and forested wetlands and habitat for the threatened dwarf lake iris. This project will enhance 44 acres of nationally decreasing wetlands, including 15 acres in the Red Banks Alvar SNA. Species of special concern that will benefit include flat-stemmed Spike-rush, leafhopper, American woodcock, least flycatcher and common nighthawk. This project will also enhance protection of an important stopover for migratory birds as they follow the west coast of Lake Michigan during spring and fall migrations.