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Comprehensive Conservation Plan

A Comprehensive Conservation Plan (CCP) provides management direction for a refuge for 15 years. With input for the public, the Service forms a vision of a refuge's desired conditions and the actions needed to achieve it. A refuge's vision may include improved habitat conditions and expanded public use programs that are compatible with resource conservation.

Comprehensive Conservation Plans (Year completed)
California Nevada Klamath Basin (Oregon)

Tijuana Slough NWR (1999) 
Antioch Dunes NWR (2002)
Salinas River NWR (2003)
Kern and Pixley NWR (2004)
Sacramento River NWR (2005)
Marin Islands NWR (2006)
San Diego Bay NWR (2006)
San Joaquin River NWR (2007)
Stone Lakes NWR (2007)
Farallon NWR (2009)
Castle Rock NWR (2009)
Colusa NWR (2009)
Delevan NWR (2009)
Humboldt Bay NWR (2009)
Sacramento NWR (2009)
Sutter NWR (2009)
Modoc NWR (2009)
Ellicott Slough NWR (2010)
San Pablo Bay NWR (2010)
Seal Beach (2010)
Bitter Creek NWR (2013)
Blue Ridge NWR (2013)
Hopper Mountain NWR (2013)

San Diego NWR (2013)
Grasslands WMA ((in progress))
Merced NWR (in progress)
San Luis NWR (in progress)
Butte Sink WMA (in progress)
Don Edwards S.F. Bay NWR (2013)
North Central Valley WMA (in progress)
Willow Creek-Lurline WMA (in progress)
Coachella Valley NWR (2013)
Sonny Bono Salton Sea NWR (2013)
Guadalupe-Nipomo Dunes NWR (in progress)


Anaho Island NWR (2002)
Fallon NWR (2002)
Stillwater NWR (2002)
Stillwater WMA (2002)
Ash Meadows NWR (2009)
Desert NWR (2009)
Moapa Valley NWR (2009)
Pahranagat NWR (2009)
Ruby Lake NWR (in progress)

Klamath Marsh NWR (2010)
Bear Valley NWR (in progress)
Lower Klamath NWR (in progress)
Upper Klamath NWR (in progress)
Clear Lake NWR (in progress)
Tule Lake NWR (in progress)

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