This Agreement dated _____________ between ___________________________, Wildlife Cooperator(s), and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (Service) is entered into pursuant to authority contained in section 1 of the Fish and Wildlife Coordination Act, 16 U.S.C. 661 and section 7 of the Fish and Wildlife Act of 1956, 16 U.S.C. 742f(a)(4).

I (we), ________________________________________________ hereby agree to participate with the Service in conducting certain wildlife management practices on lands owned by me (us) in _______________________ County, State of ___________________ described as follows:

In signing this Agreement, the Wildlife Cooperator(s) join(s) as a participant in a wildlife management program and grants to the Service the authority to complete wildlife habitat development, or to personally carry out wildlife management activities with financial or material support, as described in the attached Special Provisions (Exhibit A). Any donation of supplies, equipment, or direct payment from the Service to the wildlife cooperator(s) for carrying out the wildlife cooperator habitat developments are also included in the attached Special Provisions.

The term of this Agreement will be for _____ years beginning ______________, 20__, and ending ________________, 20__. Payment as appropriate will be made as described and agreed to in Exhibit A.

This Agreement may be modified at any time by mutual written consent. It may also be terminated in writing by either party thirty (30) days in advance. If terminated by the Cooperator, the Cooperator will reimburse the Service for the cost of the Wildlife Cooperator habitat developments. If this agreement is terminated in writing by the Service, then the Service may at its option remove any wildlife cooperator developments placed on the land.

At the end of the term, the wildlife habitat development will become the property of the Wildlife Cooperator.

The Service does not assume jurisdiction over the premises by this agreement. The Wildlife Cooperator retains all rights to control trespass and retains all responsibility for taxes, assessments, and damage claims.

The Service, its agents, or assignees reserve the right to enter the land at reasonable times for wildlife cooperator habitat development and management purposes and to inspect completed work.

The Service assumes no liability for damage or injury other than that caused by its own negligence, on the above acreage.

Specific work completed will be documented on Exhibit A.

A change of ownership shall not change the terms of this Agreement. The Agreement and terms shall be in effect on the described land for the period of the Agreement. The Wildlife Cooperator will notify the Service of planned or pending changes in ownership.

The Cooperator agrees not to allow any agricultural use of the tract such as livestock grazing or haying, unless included as part of this or an amended Agreement.

At the end of this Agreement, the Cooperator assumes full and complete responsibility for all wildlife cooperator habitat developments made during this agreement on the project tract. There shall be no obligation to any of the agencies of the agreement after the term of the agreement has expired.

The landowner will be responsible for securing any necessary permits. Technical advice and support will be provided by participating agencies in the application for the permit.

The Service is prohibited by law from making obligations that exceed available funds and, therefore, the Service can do only that work which is funded. In the event funds are not available to do the wildlife cooperator habitat development work within the period of time or in the manner prescribed in the special provisions, the Service will advise the wildlife cooperator of that fact.

Wildlife cooperator guarantees ownership of the above-described land and warrants that there are no outstanding rights which interfere with the wildlife cooperator management agreement.

________________________________________________ __________________________

Wildlife Cooperator and Tax ID Number


Service Field Representative

Service Contract Sufficiency Review


Service Project Leader

*Privacy Act Notice: The Service is required to obtain this information to process any payment (s) to the wildlife cooperator as a result of this agreement. This information will be furnished to the Internal Revenue Service as required by the Tax Reform Act of 1986 and may be shared with the Department of Justice for criminal or civil litigation. Furnishing a social security number is voluntary, but failure to do so may result in disqualification from this program.

Exhibit A


The wildlife habitat developments described below are agreed to by _______________________________ and the Service in a Wildlife Extension Agreement dated ___________.




Itemized costs of payments, materials, supplies, completed work, and schedule of payments. (If applicable, however, any payments will be for only one fiscal year.)

Project Total:


US Fish and Wildlife Service $

Wildlife Cooperator $


Total $

The estimated final cost of the project is $ ________. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service will cost share up to $ ________ to be reimbursed to the wildlife cooperator upon completion of work and presentation to the Service of itemized bills and/or documentation of other expenses.


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