Pacific Southwest Region
California, Nevada and Klamath Basin

Articles about the Program and our past projects

Pete's Creek Restoration
A California Partners for Fish and Wildlife Project yields benefits to wildlife and landowners in Lassen County

Hedrick Ranches, near the Santa Clara River
A Partners for Fish and Wildlife project seeks to remove nonnative arundo donax, a pesky bamboo-like weed that displaces native plants along many Southern California waterways.

San Lorenzo Valley Water District
The district will remove nonnative trees and shrubs such as French and scotch broom, and acacia, from a 40-acre site in what is known as Sandhills habitat, an ecologically unique landscape that supports more than 90 federally-listed and state-listed species, and species of concern.

Partnerships for a Shrimp
One of the Fish and Wildlife Service's most unusual, yet satisfying Partners for Fish and Wildlife projects has evolved near the small town of Two Rock in a coastal dairy-producing region of Sonoma County in northern California. At the heart of the partnership are the students of Brookside School and the affection they have for an endangered crustacean, the California freshwater shrimp.

Starr Ranch Sanctuary Coastal Sage Scrub Restoration
The California Partners for Fish and Wildlife program works with the Audubon Society to restore habitat for the federally threatened California gnatcatcher.


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