2018 Federal Duck Stamp Contest

Last year's 2017 Federal Duck Stamp Contest winning art of mallards  was produced by Minnesota artist, Bob Hautman of Delano. It was the third win for Hautman, and the 13th in the past 29 contests for the Hautman family of Minnesota-based artists. Brothers, Jim Hautman of Chaska and Joe Hautman of Plymouth have each won the event five times. Most recently, Jim won in 2016. In 2015, the trio dominated the podium and swept the awards when Joe took first prize, Bob was second and James was third. Credit: USFWS

The nation’s oldest and most prestigious wildlife art competition raises millions of dollars annually for habitat conservation

August 30, 2018

The annual Federal Duck Stamp Contest – the most prestigious federally-sponsored art contest in the nation – will be held Sept. 14-15, 2018, at Springs Preserve in Las Vegas, Nevada. A panel of judges will select the artwork to appear on the 2019-2020 Federal Migratory Bird Hunting and Conservation Stamp, also known as "the Duck Stamp."

About Duck Stamps

Created at the behest of waterfowl hunters, Federal Duck Stamps are vital tools for wetland conservation. Ninety-eight cents out of every dollar generated by the sale of $25 Federal Duck Stamps goes directly to purchase or lease wetland habitat for the National Wildlife Refuge System. Waterfowl hunters are required to buy a Duck Stamp annually.

Birdwatchers, outdoors enthusiasts, artists and collectors also buy Duck Stamps because they are a great investment in conservation, as well as, miniature works of art and sought-after collectors’ items.
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A flock of northern pintail ducks fly over a national wildlife refuge on a fall evening. Since its inception, the Federal Duck Stamp Program has generated more than $1 billion to help protect and conserve nearly six million acres of wetlands and grasslands for waterfowl habitat. Credit: Mike Peters/USFWS

About the Federal Duck Stamp Contest

A panel of five judges will review contest entries, narrowing the field over several rounds of judging before choosing a winner. Judging is completely anonymous; artists’ names are not revealed until after the winner is announced. The winning artist receives no prize, except for a framed pane of his or her stamps signed by the Secretary of the Interior.

The artist may produce and sell prints featuring his or her artwork. Additionally, the winning artist appears at several art and wildlife festivals throughout the following year, gaining valuable exposure.
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Nevada ties

A contrasting landscape surrounds Upper Pahranagat Lake on Pahranagat National Wildlife Refuge, located 90 miles north of Las Vegas, Nevada. Credit: USFWS

The Federal Duck Stamp Program is one of the most successful conservation programs in our nation’s history and has generated more than $1 billion to help protect and conserve nearly six million acres of wetlands and grasslands for wildlife habitat.

Duck Stamp dollars have helped purchase or lease these lands in Nevada:

Desert National Wildlife Refuge: 320 acres
Pahranagat National Wildlife Refuge: 3,915.60 acres (72.7 percent of the refuge)
Ruby Lake National Wildlife Refuge: 29,945.73 acres (75 percent of the refuge)
Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge: 23,143.67 acres

Contest details

When: Sept. 14-15, 2018 Doors open at 9 a.m., judging begins at 10 a.m. Winner will be announced at approximately noon on Sept. 15

Where: Springs Preserve, 333 S. Valley View Blvd., Las Vegas, NV 89107

Who: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Pacific Southwest Regional Director Paul Souza, 2018-2019, Federal Duck Stamp artist Bob Hautman and artists entered in the 2018 Duck Stamp Contest are available for interviews during the event; contact Rachel Levin at rachel_levin@fws.gov, cell phone at 703-298-9256, and on-site.)

Other information: Admission to Springs Preserve is free on Sept. 14-15, 2018
The event will be broadcast online daily at https://livestream.com/usfws beginning at 10 a.m. Pacific Standard Time. A list of related activities and scheduled events is available at: https://www.springspreserve.org/events/?id=2272.

Related events

In addition to viewing all of the artworks entered in the 2018 contest, enjoy family activities, special demonstrations of outdoor wildlife and recreational skills, and visit partner information booths to learn how to experience more of what Southern Nevada has to offer. Explore the different art, stamp and other vendors to take home the perfect souvenir from your visit.

Don't miss a free showing of the movie, Million Dollar Duck and talk with the film's director and featured artists on Friday, Sept. 14. On Saturday, Sept. 15, join us for a free walking tour to explore the many birds of the Springs Preserve.

Media resources

Gallery of Federal Duck Stamps, See images of all Duck Stamps since 1934 (high-resolution images for news media use available; contact Rachel Fisk Levin at rachel_levin@fws.gov) (2018 Federal Duck Stamp Contest Entries: Winning entries will be posted here following the contest.)
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