Comprehensive Assessment & Monitoring Program (CAMP)

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CAMP Planning Documents

  • The CAMP Final Conceptual Plan (11 MB PDF) was written in 1996. It provides the guiding principles that were later used to develop the CAMP Implementation Plan.
  • A CAMP Implementation Plan (16.5 MB PDF)was finalized in 1997. The document describes how the CAMP will monitor fish resources and assess biological results and effectiveness of habitat restoration activities.
  • The CAMP 2008 Draft Rotary Screw Trap Protocol (1 MB PDF) provides a standardized method for quantifying the number of juvenile salmon that emigrate from tributary streams and rivers in the Central Valley.
  • A technical memorandum (455 KB PDF) written in 2002 highlights the need to conduct systematic monitoring over a large area and time period if there is to be an ability to determine which restoration activities are most cost effective.

CAMP Annual Reports

CAMP-Funded Projects

CAMP occasionally funds monitoring activities if they are specifically called for in the CAMP Implementation Plan. Monitoring activities that have been funded with CAMP dollars since 2003 include:

Central Valley Rotary Screw Trap Reports

Several entities have generously allowed the CAMP to post their rotary screw trap reports on the CAMP website. As such, the CAMP website provides a centralized location for accessing rotary screw trap data that have been collected across the Central Valley of California since 1992.

Bibliography of rotary screw trap reports for the Central Valley of California (PDF 77 KB PDF)


American River

Cosumnes River

Battle Creek

Big Chico Creek Spring Run RST Data

Butte Creek Spring Run RST Data

Clear Creek

Deer Creek

Feather River

Yuba River

Merced River

Hatfield State Park

Tuolumne River

Grayson Ranch

Shiloh Bridge


Mill Creek

Mokelumne River

Sacramento River

Balls Ferry

Glenn Colusa Irrigation District (Hamilton City)

Knights Landing

Red Bluff Diversion Dam

Winter Run Chinook

Stanislaus River