Pacific Southwest Region
California, Nevada and Klamath Basin

Pacific Southwest Region Fire Management

Working with Others
Partnerships, Consultations and Grants

Our fire managers are often called upon to lend their expertise to partners. We gain reciprocal benefits from these partnerships including mutual aid and technical support for both planned and unplanned fires. Through cooperative agreements, contracts, grants and other collaborative venues we support other federal, Tribal, and state governments as well as fire safe councils and private landowners in collaborative fire management activities.

Our fire managers are members of national, regional and local fire program coordinating groups including, but not limited to the California Wildfire Coordinating Group, California Fire Alliance, California, Nevada & Hawaii Forest Fire Council, Great Basin Coordinating Group, Fire Prevention Association of Nevada and the Southern Oregon Fuels Committee.

Our fire professionals provide critical support to national wildland fire preparedness and suppression efforts and also help support training and safety initiatives for rural and volunteer fire departments involved in wildland fire support.

Service biologists in the Endangered Species Program provide essential consultation to other agencies conducting hazardous fuels reduction projects to ensure the protection of threatened and endangered species and their habitats. Service Archeologists also provide consultations to help protect historic and cultural resources.

Service biologists in the Conservation Partnerships Program administer programs which can support fire partners including private landowners, tribes and schools. These programs include the Partners for Fish & Wildlife Program, Coastal Program, Tribal Grants Program and Schoolyard Habitat Program.

Questions about fire program partnerships

Miriam Morrill, NoCal Field WUI Coordinator/ Regional Fire Outreach Coordinator or 530-934-2801
Sacramento NWRC/NorCal Fire Zone
752 County Road 99 W, Willows, CA 95988

James Roberts, SoCal Field WUI Coordinator or 619-468-9245
San Diego NWRC/ SoCal Fire Zone
P.O. Box 746 , Jamul, CA 91935

Or contact your local Zone Fire Management Officer (link to zone map)