Pacific Southwest Region
California, Nevada and Klamath Basin

Conservation Partnerships Program

Conservation Partnerships is more than an organizational structure, it is a guiding philosophy.  The Pacific Southwest Region has instituted a program that groups our customer-oriented programs together and provides a "storefront" for voluntary, cooperative opportunities in habitat restoration, migratory bird conservation, and environmental education.

The Conservation Partnerships Program brings the Service's mechanisms for funding or implementing strategic habitat conservation for our trust species under one umbrella, so that we may better serve our public and private citizen partners.

We seek to expand the pool of resources available to our partners and provide the best in fish and wildlife expertise in order to leverage the Service's greatest assets:  our people and our partners!

You will find partnership opportunities throughout the Service, but the following programs are formally working together to enhance our delivery of habitat restoration and conservation efforts:

Partners for Fish and Wildife

Coastal Program

Sport & Fish Wildlife Restoration
Restoration on Private Lands Conserving Coastal Habitat State Grant Opportunities
Central Valley Joint Venture Migratory Birds Endangered Species Grant
Partnership for Central Valley Bird Conservation Migratory Birds Endangered Species Grants
Tribal Partnership
Schoolyard Habitats Tribal Partnerships & Grants SF Bay JV