Charles M. Russell National Wildlife Refuge
Mountain-Prairie Region

Spidel Waterfowl Production Area

Golden Valley and Yellowstone Counties, Montana


Location:  Located approximately 2 miles northeast of Broadview, Montana.


General Information:  Under the auspices of the WPA program, the USFWS manages Spidel for waterfowl production.  The WPA consists of nearly 1,246 acres, 700 of which are wetland.  However, the wetland was drained years ago by previous owners in an effort to increase crop production.  The USFWS plans to restore the wetland in the future.


Despite the fact that it is drained, the wetland and surrounding uplands produce and harbor large numbers of waterfowl and shorebirds.  However, it does not impound enough water to assure over summer brood survival, as the basin is often dry by mid- to late summer.  Additionally, large waterfowl die-offs from botulism have been documented, due in large part to the shallow nature of the drained wetland.  Restoration of the wetland in the future will address both of these issues.


Public Use:  The WPA is open to hunting, fishing, trapping, hiking, and wildlife observation.  In addition to compliance with all applicable state hunting regulations, non-toxic shot must be used to harvest waterfowl and upland game birds. 


Facilities:  Access on the WPA is by foot only.


Access:  Turn east on 21 Mile Road at Broadview for 0.5 miles, then north on graveled cemetery Road 1.5 miles. 



Driving map for Spidel WPA








Last updated: September 15, 2011